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Essential Tips To Cope With Bereavement

Grief is different for everyone and can affect your physical and mental health. Here are some tips to help you cope during this difficult time:

- Expect feelings to come back on special occasions such as birthdays.
- Discuss how things may change in the short term, such as school.
- Plan out your day/s in advance to you can have some structure.
- Keep up your hobbies as much as is possible.
- Keep busy so as not to dwell on unhappy thoughts.
- Keep caffeine down to a minimum.
- Ensure pleasant surroundings incl. noise, temperature & light.
- Get help with the household tasks.
- Take every opportunity to talk to others about how you’re feeling.
- Share stories with people who also knew and cared about them.
- Try to keep up with your daily routine so you don’t get overwhelmed.
- You are not in the correct frame of mind to make large or impulsive decisions.
- Talk about your memories with loved ones and friends.
- Support family whose grieving process is longer or more difficult than yours.
- Don't judge family who are expressing their grief differently to you.
- Do not struggle in silence. If you need help, ask for it.
- Do not take too much on.
- Do not feel guilty if you have a better day than normal or for not feeling sad.
- Use online video to talk to people if you can't meet them in person.
- Find a creative way to let your feelings out such as drawing or painting.
- Be prepared for any questions or emotional reactions you may encounter.
- Give yourself time to experience your loss in your own way.
- Make it clear to family and friends how to help, as some may not be sure.
- By doing things you enjoy and takes you mind off things.
- Take time for yourself whenever you need to.
- Get enough sleep, eat a well-balanced diet, and exercise regularly.
- Give yourself permission to feel lost or vulnerable.
- Get back into your normal routine as soon as you can.
- If you are a physical type person ask for hugs off family and friends.
- Take one day at a time. Some days you will feel better than others.