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As an established teenager counselling & therapy service, we offer support for all emotional issues brought to the sessions, no matter how big or small, and helps teenagers feel and behave differently about things. Our counselling for teenagers has helped many teenagers over the years in a private and confidential manner.

Teenager Counselling

How Counselling & Therapy Can Help

Teenagers believe what they think, so if they have self-sabotaging emotional thoughts this will lead to behaviour difficulties that matches that thinking ranging from anger, ocd to anxiety amongst others.
Together with their therapist, your teenager will explore the negative thoughts that accompany pessimistic emotions and the consequential problems in their life.

Personalised Therapy

As every teenager is individual, with their own personality and different levels of maturity, our counselling and therapy is tailored to their particular needs to help them explore and understand their struggles.
Learning skills and techniques to help understand negative signals and manage reactions, they will start to see things in an improved perspective, think more positively and be happier.

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Sessions are available every day including weekdays at a convenient time to suit. You don’t even have to have the same appointment time each week, as we offer flexible sessions too.
Simply call us on 0800 030 9227, or complete our online form, to book a FREE no obligation consultation.

Counselling For Teens:

  Anxiety & Panic   Behavioural Difficulties   Eating Disorders   Anger   Stress   Self-Esteem & Confidence   OCD

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