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5 Steps to Strengthen Your Core Beliefs

We all view the world differently, and this can usually depend on our inner core beliefs we hold about ourselves. How we internalise our world, frames our core beliefs.
These core beliefs are based on messages we’ve received from growing up within our family of origin & from our experiences outside of our family.
If you were brought up in a very loving family, were praised a lot and shown love, then your inner beliefs will be strong & positive, believing ‘I am loved’ and ‘I am good at what I do’ and you will go on to have higher self esteem & confidence, choosing positive paths in life.
If on the other hand you were always told you were naughty, not good enough & will never amount to anything, then undoubtedly your inner core beliefs about yourself will be negative. You will have low self esteem, low confidence and go around thinking that anything you try to do, you will fail at, so why bother.
You will therefore remain, unhappy, unconfident, become anxious, a worrier and choose to work in uninspiring jobs & be stuck in poor relationships.
Our 5 Step Plan below will help you Identify & Challenge your inner core beliefs to help you become more happier & confident in your life.
- When attempting to do something ask yourself ‘what are my thoughts about that?
- Ask yourself is this a negative or positive core belief?
- If it’s a negative belief, write down a more positive belief.
- Repeat the positive belief to yourself daily to strengthen it.
- Seek out the support of a therapist for greater guidance.