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Family Counselling

Your family may be at breaking point with stress coming from every angle.
There may be raised voices, arguments, tears & tantrums. Everyone seems to be shouting to be heard, with no real resolution.

Family Counselling For Children

If your family is struggling, and you want to explore how we can help them simply call us on 0800 030 9227 or click here to book a free phone consultation, with a qualified therapist.

Friction In The Family

Living together as a family all under one roof 24/7 can sometimes be a struggle as each family member has different schedules, different likes & dislikes, and different personalities too.
Parents come from different backgrounds & upbringings, so have different parenting styles, attitudes, beliefs, morals & principles.
Throw into the mix struggling children, moody teens, grand-parents, step-parents, step-children & ex-parents, then quite possibly you’ve now got a recipe for a family tornado when problems arise.

How We Can Help

Family Therapy is ideal when you are struggling to deal with problems as a family and are looking for ways forward to help resolve disputes and mediate through any issues you may have.
It allows everyone to explore difficult feelings that accompany the problems in your family. Each family member can be involved & everyone gets a chance to talk and express themselves openly. Problems can be worked through, compromises reached and with improved communication you can reset boundaries.
Together with your qualified, accredited therapist you will develop strategies to get on better together and rebuild relationships. We will support you with any problems you bring to the sessions, no matter how large or small.

Qualified, Registered & DBS Checked Therapists

Your qualified therapist will be registered with a Professional Body such as BACP or NCS. They adhere to the relevant Service & Ethical Standards of their Professional Body and are DBS checked.

No Waiting Times

With no waiting to get booked in, before you know it you will be relaxed, talking with therapists about how you are feeling and on their way to living a happier life.

Get Booked In

Sessions are available from 9am until 8pm at a convenient time to suit. You don’t even have to have the same appointments each week, as we offer flexible sessions too.

Book A Free Phone Consultation

    The free, no-obligation consultation gives you the opportunity to speak to a qualified therapist and ask any questions you may have about the service.