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Counselling & Therapy For Bullying

Approximately one in ten children are currently being bullied either physically or psychologically. Most schools do not have the setup to cope. The impact of bullying can be catastrophic. Children feel powerless, unpopular and alone. Bullying can lead to trauma on a personal level and worry at a family level.
If you think that your child is being bullied then contact us straight away so a therapist can help. From only £1 per minute for immediate & live online or phone, professional counselling & therapy for your anxiety with a qualified therapist. We have online appointments available now for fast booking during the day, evening til late or at the weekend.

This Therapy Helps:

  Being pinched & pushed   Being hit, kicked & tripped   Having property damaged   Being called names & teased   Intimidation & Exclusion   Homophobic or racist remarks   Cyber-bullying & Much More, Just Ask!

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