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Self Sabotaging Thoughts

I keep making mistakes at school & I tell myself off regularly. This spills out into my personal life too. I stay in night after night, worried about going out, will I look good enough, will people like me. It’s been a long time since I’ve made new friends too, I worry that they will like me enough to want to be with me long term. I’m fed up of feeling like this and think it’s about time I started to sort this out. What do you think will help?
You’re really struggling with a case of low confidence & self sabotaging thoughts. I can hear that you want some good things in life, you want to do well at school & would love some new friendships, but while you keep putting yourself down, you’re hardly getting to first base. When you listen to that ‘I’m not good enough’ negative internal chatter inside your head, and believe it, then you’ll keep struggling to move forward.
Therapy is a great place to start, as it will help you get to the root of where these self sabotaging thoughts came from. You will then find that CBT techniques will help you challenge your negative thoughts & start to be more kinder to yourself in your thinking. Your self-esteem & confidence will start to increase as well as your ability to do well at work & in your personal life too. Make that Therapy appointment today.