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Self-Help Tips For OCD

As we know, anxiety is triggered very easily with OCD as you worry about dangers that you fear will happen. Here are some tips to help with your OCD:
  • Learn and practice a relaxation techniques, deep breathing, mindfulness meditation
  • Be proud of your efforts, how far you have come and how well you are doing
  • Never analyse obsessive thoughts
  • Always face up to the anxiety & don’t be fearful of it
  • Tell yourself that you remember the thoughts were irrational the last time you had them, so they are now
  • Use these coping tips at any time, and in any place
  • Never be complacent and take your OCD recovery for granted
  • Know obsessive thoughts will pass so remain calm and take your mind of them by doing an activity
  • Don’t rely or expect others to push you or motivate you
  • Remember the problem is the compulsions not the anxiety
  • Take time at the beginning of your day to remind yourself of and focus on your coping techniques you may need that day
  • Always tell your therapist if new thoughts appear
  • Trust your own reactions to how you think and never analyse
  • Don’t be surprised when old or even new obsessive thoughts occur
  • Never tell yourself that one, two or more slips up means you are now a total failure
  • Stay motivated even when things get difficult or you have a set-back
  • Be patient and go at your own pace
  • Never procrastinate. The time is now for you to move on
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect
  • Never seek reassurance as it can be a compulsion
  • When you encounter a challenge, be positive, treat it as a opportunity and face it head on
  • Always expect an obsessive thought at any time or any place & don‘t let it throw you
  • Focus and take every day one day at a time
  • Be willing to accept the anixety of risk and understand it is part of enjoying a normal life
  • Tell yourself an obsessive thought isnt helpful right now, you can think about it later
  • Always expect an obsessive thought at any time or any place & don‘t let it throw you
  • Obsessive thoughts are never an emergency
  • You deserve to be happy and not to suffer