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How Parents Can Help

Although professional therapy has been found to be very effective, as a parent there are also things you can do to help a loved one with an eating disorder.
- Be a loving parent.
- Tell them you think they deserve to be happy in life.
- Model your home as one that promotes healthy behaviour.
- Advocate happiness is what is on the inside, not outside.
- Don't blame yourself.
- Expect setbacks on the road to recovery.
- Always stand by your child through self-destructive periods.
- Focus on positive things not negative worries.
- Promote a neutral view of all food types.
- Do not judge your child.
- Always keep lines of communication open with them so they know you are there.
- Understand that your child's eating disorder is not one of choice.
- Make your child feel safe in their surroundings.
- Have a positive body image of yourself.
- Talk about yourself with respect.
- Never comment on your child's appearance, body or weights. At all.
- Encourage not criticise your child.
- Learn the facts about eating disorders.
- Understand the relationship between mental health issues and eating disorders.
- Teach your child to view social media in a true, critical light.
- Show unconditional support.