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Love Yourself First

If you want people to like you, or even fall in love with you, you first have to first like & love yourself, because if you don’t then how can you expect others to.
If you put yourself down, think you’re not good enough, ugly, stupid or worthless then others will generally follow your lead and treat you as that somebody, the person who isn’t worthy of their time, effort or even kindness.
Think about someone you admire, who oozes confidence and people look up to and respect. Notice what they do & what they say, because this is transmitting to others that they are good enough to be liked & loved.
Write a list of all the things you like about yourself. Now ask a close friend or family member to tell you what they like about you too as you’re sure to have missed some things off that list due to low self worth. Having good strong self worth is being able to say how wonderful you are without missing anything out and saying it confidently.
Practice saying each one as a statement every day. “I am good enough” will soon find its way into your inner positive self esteem system, boosting your confidence & will soon have people seeing that, yes you are a great person, worthy of their time, attention & love.