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Questions To Encourage Your Child To Talk To You

To help your child before, during and after therapy it is good to keep lines of communication open if you can.
Here are some questions that you can use to encourage your child to talk to you about how they are feeling and to help you understand their emotions better.
  • What ways have you tried to control your anger?
  • How long do you feel the anger building up before an unhealthy outburst?
  • What thoughts go through your mind when you are angry?
  • What do you think you could do differently next time you are angry?
  • What other feelings do you experience when you are angry?
  • If you expressed your anger through words, what words would you use?
  • Can you see a point in the future when you can control your anger & what will it look like?
  • Do you think you get angry for other reasons such as feeling hurt or ashamed?
  • How has your unhealthy anger outburst impacted how your friends are with you?
  • What do you think would happen if you never had an unhealthy angry episode again?
  • What are the things that triggers your anger the most?
  • Can you think of anyone that controls their anger well and how do you think they do it?
  • Can you think of a time when your anger has caught you by surprise?
  • Which parts of of your body feel differently when you are angry?
  • What warning signs do you have before an unhealthy anger episode?
  • How do you think your anger affects your parents, siblings and wider family?
  • How would you describe the difference between healthy anger and unhealthy anger?
  • What is the worst thing you have said or done when during an unhealthy anger outburst?
  • Do you think controlling your thoughts better could control your anger?
  • What places & situations do you feel the most angry?
  • Do you think you deal with anger the same way as your parents deal with theirs?
  • How does your body feel when your start to feel angry?
  • How do you think your anger could impact your future?
  • What consquences do you normally get when you have had an anger outburst?
  • Describe a time you handled your anger in a healthy way?
  • If your coping mechanism when you get angry does not work, what is your alternate plan?
  • What would your like look like if you was able to control your anger?