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Your Emotions During The Grieving Process

Although everyone deals with loss in different ways, there is always a natural process to go through, and emotions to process.
You cannot control your response to the grieving process and the feelings and emotions may at times be very strong and hard to cope with, but with support you will heal over time.
Through the grieving process you may feel the following emotions. It can be very hard to understand these emotions and at times it can be overwhelming. These phases won't necessarily come one after another, not in any fixed timeframe.
- Shock [You cant believe it has happened]
- Feeling Numb
- Denial
- Crying/Emotional Outbursts
- Anger [You ask yourself why is it happening?]
- Fear
- Looking for answers or for something to change what you are going through
- Wanting someone / wanting to be alone
- Isolation
- Being disorganised
- Panic
- Hate
- Anger
- Guilt
- Depression
- Lonliness
- Hostility
- Resentment
- Apathy [You just don’t care anymore about anything]
- Renewed Inner strength
- Hope
- Acceptance of your loss
- Recovery [You are still sad but can cope]