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Dealing With Negative Thoughts

In your mind, thoughts are like a constant conversation. Quickly, thoughts come and go. We hardly ever reflect on them, especially the negative ones.
However, for your mental wellbeing it is critical to reflect on any negative thoughts since they affect how we feel and behave in a negative way.
Give these questions some thought, provide an explanation, and write down your answers.
- What causes you concern?
- What is the likelihood of your concerns coming true?
- Do you base this opinion on facts or emotions?
- What is the proof or past experience you have that show that it will or will not happen?
- Are you interpreting the evidence incorrectly.
- Do you have any presumptions that you are including in your interpretations?
- Could there be additional perspectives you can consider, and if so, what are they?
- Are you considering all the information or simply that which confirms your opinion?
- Could you be overstating the negatives in your concern?
- Could you be understating the positives in your concern?
- Have you had this thought before, perhaps on many occasions?
- Are the sources for your concern trustworthy?
- Are you thinking the worst-case scenario or a likely scenario?
- Of all the scenarios you have considered, which has the greatest chance of occurring?