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When Confidence Has Left You

Having self confidence is important to everyone as it helps you to be the best you can be at everything you do, and that matters. Being confident is an attractive quality as it helps others to look up to you, respect you and even want to be like you.
Having great inner confidence will help you achieve your goals, your hopes & dreams. You feel motivated, energised & willing to take risks to get you there, because you have that great inner belief in yourself to be able to tackle & achieve most things in life. It’s a great feeling, that gives you immense pleasure every day. It’s great to be a wonderful, confident you.
What happens though, when this inner self confidence starts to slip, when you now begin to hesitate to try new things, take risks and begin to question your ability? This happens to most people as they begin to struggle as to why they are losing their confidence, questioning themselves & starting to beat themselves up with their inner critic, in turn they start losing their confidence at a faster rate, until they find they haven’t any confidence left at all.
You might have stopped answering the phone to people, taking the blame & apologising for things going wrong, double checking your work to find errors even though you know you’re capable of doing a good job, and you may have begun to withdraw from friends & socialising. People may have begun to notice a difference in you, but you apologise and say you’re okay, but your not, you’re confused & upset as to where the other confident you has gone. What can you do?
You can continue as you are, hoping your confidence might return, but how and when? Or you can talk to someone in confidence who understands what you’re going through and will want to help. Therapy is a fast, effective way to explore what’s happened.
Perhaps something in your life right now has triggered some buried feelings in you that has caused you to question your abilities, therapy will help find that root cause. You can then start to work on your negative inner critic, this is done by way of strategies & techniques that are simple to understand & learn. When you have practices these with the support of your therapist over a short period of time, you will start to feel that happy, confident person again in no time at all.