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Common Thinking Errors

Common thinking errors that will effect your mental wellbeing and hold you back in life.
Ignore the positive
- You focus more on negative events and overlook positive ones when they occur.
Exaggerating small problems
- Making a huge deal out of a tiny issue or making anything slightly problematic out to be the worst thing imaginable.
Looking into the future
- Believing that you already know the future and that it will be bad.
Mind reading
- Assuming, without sufficient knowledge, that you know what another person is thinking or why they are acting a certain way.
Negative self-perception
- Having a negative self-perception and believing it to be true in everything you do.
Standards are too high
- Believing that you must be flawless in all you do to be a good person.
Blaming yourself
- Blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong in your life, even if you were not involved.
Taking feelings to be facts
- The conviction that something must be real if you can feel it. For instance, if I feel ugly, I must be ugly.
- Insisting that something is the case or should be done in a specific way.