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Why Children Matter In The Family Breakup

Sadly when a couple breaks up, the children in the family will suffer too. Their family unit has been broken and they will have emotions attached to that, feeling upset, confused and even worried about the other parent. Family Counselling will help.
As one parent generally leaves the family home, keeping links with the children they’ve left behind is imperative to the child’s mental health & well being. Many parents feel bereft at having to leave their child behind and will work with the other parent to ensure regular contact with the children is maintained.
Sometimes though, the parent who leaves will be so hurt, angry or upset about the break up, they become so embroiled in their emotions that they forget about their children’s feeling. They may not see the child for a time, as they don’t want to face their partner, or make arrangements to pick them up and then don’t turn up. Days may turn into weeks, even months before they see their children, not thinking what effect this will have on them.
When couples come into therapy, co-parenting is often explored as the therapist will want to ensure that the parents are doing everything they can to ensure the children are not suffering.
It’s important that the reasons for the break up of a couple are kept separate from the children left behind, after all it’s not their fault the couple decided to separate.