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anxiety counselling for children


It is normal when Children are a little worried at home or at school, but not normal when that worry leads to irrational worry, fear and panic.

Anger Management For Children

Anger Management

When Children are unhappy they can begin to ‘act out’ in a problematic way or through dis-functional behaviour such as Anger or Aggression.

Bereavement Counselling For Children

Bereavement & Grief

Some Children often need extra and special support to get them through this difficult time. We are here to help through this period of loss.

Fears & Phobias Therapy For Children

Fears & Phobias

Having a phobia or fear about a particular thing can pose enormous challenges or even turn your child's life upside down.

Self-Esteem Counselling


You may be first alerted to signs of low self-esteem when your child mentions falling out with friends, becomes withdrawn or stopping socialising.

eating disorder therapy for children

Eating Disorders

Is your child being over-concerned about their weight, body shape or being secretive with their eating habits? Eating disorders can be debilitating.

a girl getting bullied at school


The impact of bullying can be catastrophic. Children feel powerless, unpopular and alone which can lead to trauma on a personal level and anxiety.

counselling for children that are self harming

Self Harm

Up to as many as 10% of Children self harm. Although it secretive coping mechanism you may see scratches or cigarette burns on arms and legs.

Stress Therapy For Children


Whether it is education related or personal, if your child is feeling stressed & cannot cope with the demands placed on them consider our therapy.

OCD Treatment Children


While OCD can pose enormous challenges in a person's life, it is something that can be managed with proper counselling and therapy.

family counselling


This therapy provides support and ways forward for families & relationships to help resolve disputes and mediate through any issues you may have.

Therapy For Depression


Depression in children often shows itself as a depressed mood, loss of pleasure in things, fatigue and sleep difficulties amongst other things.