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Anger Management For Kids

When kids are unhappy they can begin to ‘act out’ in a problematic way or dis-functional behaviour such as anger or aggression. Our anger management for kids can help them during this difficult time in their life.

If your kid's anger is unwarranted, triggered too quickly or happening too often you should consider speaking to our anger management therapists straight away.

Anger Management For Children

How We Can Help

Some kids can be angry when they struggle to cope with strong feelings, either at home, in their personal life or at school. Their anger can become a problem when it is not managed or controlled properly and causes harm to themselves, property and other people.

It is understood that many adults that struggle with an anger disorder in later life did not have anger management as kids when they should have had.

Anger management helps kids explore, talk through and reflect on problems and develop strategies to feel better. Together with a qualified therapist they will uncover the underlying causes and triggers of their Anger to help them behave in a more calmer way.

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Anger Management Helps:

  Unfit Behaviour For Kids   Maladapted Emotions   Dysfunctional Beliefs   Social Impairment   Behavioural Management   Contingency Skills

Why Anger Management?

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